Long time no see, friends. No, Where's not coming back, but I did start a new blog. This one is heavier on the images and lighter on the text...in fact, there really isn't any text. Just images. It's a photoblog called Eighths of a Mile. RSS-ize it! I promise that it won't suck.

Also, if you're looking for more Where-esque fixes, I'll be popping up twice monthly henceforth with more characteristically verbose fare over at Next American City. Post #2 just went up on Friday.

And finally, Where alums Peter Sigrist and Katia Savchuk's blog Polis continues to churn out awesome urbanist content (saw the recent Archinect nod - way to go, guys!) Amidst their team's top-notch writings, Where's long-dormant Urbanffffinds feature recently popped up again.

Pictures, words, and more pictures. If you still miss Where after this, you should probably talk to your therapist about it, because you may need professional help. Wink wink.