A Lead-In...

I'm not feeling particularly thoughtful tonight...but I do want to set up a few things that I'll be talking about over the next couple of days. I've included a link in this post to a study by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy called Visualizing Density. Check out the section called "A Bird's Eye View," and note the parts where public perception of density and the need to plan for automobile capacity. (You have to create an account to view the report, but it's spam-free and worth the time.)

Play the density game, too. It's fun in a weird, old-skool SimCity way.

Visualizing Density


Anthony Flint said...

Thanks for flagging Visualizing Density -- there's a new book that just came out by the same name as well. One note if you could possibly correct it -- it's the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. We're a think-tank in Cambridge, Mass.

Brendan Crain said...

Sorry about that. It's been fixed.