The Carnival of Cities is Coming to Where!

A week from today, on Monday, June 4th, the Carnival of Cities will be making its way over to Where. If you are interested in submitting a blog post to the Carnival, you may do so by using THIS FORM. Here are the submission guidelines if you are interestsed:

Any blog post that features an aspect of a city, town or region. Any topic within a location is perfectly welcome.

One entry per person or blog per week…if you are prolific, then pick your best.

Submit high quality posts, the editor will feature the top posts in a way that they will likely receive the most attention.

Submit recent posts only, from the last week or two are preferred. We’ll consider older posts but if they at all seem to be outdated, we’ll take a pass.

Sorry, this carnival accepts entries from blogs only [sites with: chronological archives, comments, trackbacks etc.]

Don’t submit stories that are advertisements; we respect our readers and won’t include then in the carnival.

It is a lot of work to compile the carnival entries, so please have your entries in by 2pm Eastern time on Sundays.

Family friendly posts please.

In case you've never heard of the Carnival of Cities, go take a look at this week's carnival over at Walkable Neighborhoods to get an idea of what goes on with these things. And if you go into hibernation for the rest of the week, make sure to wake up and stop by Where on Monday for the next Carnival!

The Carnival of Cities

Carnival for 5/28/07 @ Walkable Neighborhoods

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