Tokyo Disneyland in Google Maps

So this post has nothing to do with anything, really, but I found the subject matter to be kind of hilarious and felt the pressing need to share my discovery now instead of waiting for Weekend Reading. The Japanese, it appears, are so thoroughly detailed in their online mapmaking that the Google Maps view of Tokyo Disneyland marks all exterior ride tracks with the line used for rails. See the thin, squiggly black lines in the above image? That's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. On Google Maps.


(Click the map to check out the full park -- which has, as you might imagine, an insane level of detail).


daveyjones said...

actually, only the small, squiggly cluster of lines in the center represents big thunder mountain.

the wider, perimeter line is the western river railroad (the tokyo disneyland equivalent of the disneyland railroad) which does not circle the entire park, but only adventureland, westernland and critter country.

Alex Diamond said...

My boyfriend worked on Tokyo disneyland when he was in Japan. Apparently the Japenese like to queue, and queing is considered an important part of the process. The actual park has queing systems that are designed to make the wait longer, a bit like how keyboards are designed to make typing harder...