The Linkdump

NaNoWriMo 2007 is officially over! Congrats to all of the participants around the world who made it past the 50,000 word mark before midnight last night. As for me, I crossed the finish line around 11:30pm. Now I'm trying to catch up on my reading from the past month. Here's a quick jolt of urbanism for all you lazy folks spending Sunday in bed with a laptop and a latte. Happy December, everybody!

Contemporary World Tour goes to Brasilia {} dezeen scopes out the Wind Dam {} The difference between community and "associations, citizen committees and commissions" {} Coney Island wasn't broke, but they fixed it anyway {} A great piece on Jean Nouvel (or: Rupe hasn't killed the WSJ yet) {} The Antisuburbanites {} Toronto embraces its ugliness {} Invisible Landmarks in LA {} GOOD on Homeboy Industries {} Age-old rule #834: Don't understand it? Call it a gimmick! {} Check out the clusters on this map {} Belfast murals at WebUrbanist {} Sarcasm, light rail, and overbearing parents {} Digital Urban calls for a Second Earth {} Who's squatting the squatters? {} The corporatization of Universities {} Bad planning Mixtape {} The World Edition on architecture in Bucharest {} The Urban Planning Generation {} Commercial Revitalization Conundrums {} 26 Different Endings {} Incredible Nonphotography (photo credit) {} Guerilla culture in Paris via Spacing Wire {} Bannerman: The Willy Wonka of Weaponry {} Getting serious about agriculture {} Obama's urban agenda {} Cheering congestion in Sydney {} Gentrification: flood or forest fire? {} Mobile Metrix {} Report from Pakistan {} Downtown revitalization goes Hollywood {} Brazil halves extreme poverty {} Neighbors Project's 7 Rules for talking about gentrification {} The Happiness Project on the benefits of wandering {} Jane Jacobs podcast! {} The best sites for urban photography {} Milwaukee's industrial legacy is fading {} Wikiurbanism {} Miss Representation strikes again {} The City Fix (great transportation blog, added to sidebar) {} Cool Town on Trendwatching's 8 trends for '08 {} Integrating transit and land use

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