Happy 200: A bunch of little notes.

200 posts. Yippee.

Elsewhere in the urblogosphere...

Civic Nature recently added an RSS feed, making it all the easier to keep tabs on in this crazy, constantly-updating, online world. (Where *hearts* RSS, y'all).

After almost a year-long hiatus, the excellent Magical Urbanism blog started updating again back in October (when I wasn't paying attention). Posts are still spare, but it's worth a look.

The east coast Architecture review -- better known as ecAr -- recently named Where the #1 urbanism blog on the web...which led me to realize that ecAr, which I had thought was linked to on Where's blogroll already, was in fact not. This has been remedied. (Bonus: ecAr has a tumblr, too!)

Blog Karma. It's a good thing.

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veronica said...

congrats, mon frere!