Information Overload

Hyperlinks, RSS feeds, Google News, Wikipedia, Technorati...

The amount of information that flows through a web savvy person's brain these days is staggering when you take a step back and observe. Eventually, one can get to a point -- a sort of "information overload," if you will. It gets to be too much to take in. There are too many interesting tidbits, too many convenient coincidences, too many inputs, period. Blogging, as a form of writing that takes that constant stream of information and tries to somehow decipher or make sense of it (albeit a tiny bit at a time, while, ironically, adding to the tsunami) can literally become overwhelming.

Scratch that. This is not a hypothetical. Blogging has become overwhelming. I hope you'll bear with me through this rather indulgent post; perhaps I'm just as narcissistic as the general populace seems to believe bloggers to be, but I feel a strange urge to explain why this blog has, despite several promises to the contrary, remained mostly dormant for the past two months.

In short, the constant flow of media got to be too much. At some point, sifting through hundreds of news items and blog posts and articles and videos every day stopped being enjoyable and started to feel like a heavy weight on the shoulders. Blogging, when not for profit, should at least be fun, and Where became more of a responsibility than an exciting project, for a while.

Excuses aside, I do intend to get things up and running again, but every time I try, the thought of putting together a long post with multiple sources gets a little...exhausting. No joke. Perhaps I started to take this all too seriously. That's always a surefire way to make yourself miserable, isn't it?

So I ask Where's little community of regular readers to bear with me over the next few weeks as I try to sort things out and get back on the blogging horse. I'm taking a cue from BLDGBLOG, Pruned, and Landscape Urbanism, and Where will be featuring more short, informal posts (though they will be titled and archived in the sidebar) while I work back up to 1000+ word entries.

Where's coming back. It's just taking longer than anticipated...


Jimmy Stamp said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogger burn-out. Shorter, quicker posts are a good idea. They've helped me recover from it in the past. But yeah...it takes time. The web is definitely overwhelming. I'm just now started to heavily vet my rss list. self-editing is the hardest kind. good luck!

Anonymous said...