Air Show

It's Air Show Weekend here in Chicago, which means the US Air Force's Blue Angels are "practicing" overhead for the next few days. "Practicing," of course, translating to "flying so ridiculously low and fast over one of the most densely populated areas in the country that the noise they make sets off car alarms and makes pictures tilt on their wall hangars."

Seriously, who thought this up?

Any thoughts on urban air shows? They're a blast to watch, but really...do they have to practice over the 'hoods for three days? Listening to the roar of the jets flying overhead, I feel a bit on edge...I have to wonder if an event like this has some sort of subtle psychological effect on people.


Kevin C said...

I'm sure it's good for people, keeps them on their toes.

That Chicago Arch. Foundation that does the boat tours should do aerial architecture tours combined with the airshows. I think I'd have to fly to Chicago just to be a part of that.

Anonymous said...

They have to practice over the area they will be performing, otherwise they won't be familiar with the landmarks. The low flights might be annoying, but it would be very very bad if a pilot messed up a routine because he was disoriented. The margin for error in those flights is quite low, so I imagine they are trying to give the pilots as much practice and information as possible.