That's All, Folks!

After a pretty solid run of two years, five months, ten days, and 470 posts, the pull of new projects has forced my hand: it's time to say farewell to Where. I'm not much for long goodbyes, but I do want to thank all of this blog's longtime readers for their interest and their input. Perhaps, a few years down the line, it will be time to blog again, but for the foreseeable future, Where will be inactive.

For those of you still looking for a regular urbanism fix, several Wherebloggers will be continuing or launching their own blogging efforts elsewhere. To wit:

Peter and Katia will be launching a new blog today called Polis.

Mario will continue posting at his existing blog, Mañanarama.

And, while I'm not planning on doing any blogging, I'll be doing some behind-the-scenes work for the site MoveSmart.org, so I encourage you to check out that site as well.

Here we are at the end. Thanks again for a great run. Adios.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you all will be sorely missed. I never usually commented, but this was one of the best urbanism blogs on the net, and I'm sad to see it go.

Cassim said...

we'll miss you!

Corey said...

Good luck in the future. This blog was great.

Anonymous said...

but...why? sigh, i really enjoyed reading this blog. good luck with whatever's next for you :)

nelanj said...

Hi, I've been wanting to respond to your ending your blog.

What a great inspiration you've been for me and many others.

I really appreciate your efforts.

Thanks for sharing. I hope to discover your fellow "where" bloggers at their new site. Perhaps you could provide a link!

Nancy JonesFrancis, "annieo"

Katia Savchuk said...

Dear Nancy,
You can follow us at polis, a new collaborative blog on global urbanism (www.thepolisblog.blogspot.com). Katia and Peter

matias said...

Missing your enthusiasm Brendan! What are you up to these days?

priya b. said...

Such a shame! Really enjoyed the blog. Can't wait till its revival...

Jared said...

I really enjoyed this site - sorry to see it go!

Thank you,


Web Solutions said...

I am regular viewer of the site! It is bad to see it go.
- J.