Blogedanken Contest Deadline Extended

Due to recent happenings offline, the coordination of the next step of the Blogedanken contest (aka "figuring out how the heck to do a poll on Blogspot) has been squeezed out of this week's schedule. Consequently, Where will continue accepting submissions for the contest through midnight, CST, on March 31st. The poll will be posted on Tuesday, April 1st, with voting to take place over the following week or so.

TO ENTER: Read this post very carefully -- making sure to complete steps 1-4 (2-4 must be highlighted to be read; don't miss them!) and post up to five of your results in the comments section of that post.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to play Blogedanken and share your results. Remember, the winner of the public poll will win a free copy of PA Press' book Hyperborder. Get creative when fleshing out your ideas...the crazier an entry is, the more likely it is to be interesting. Stretch your brain!

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