Where Joins Brazen Careerist

It's been in the works for the past few months, and today BrazenCareerist.com finally went live. Where is proud to have been invited to be one of the 50+ blogs included in the launch of this new site, a Gen Y-focused career advice aggregator from internet freelancer extraordinaire Penelope Trunk and Employee Evolution founders, Ryans Healy and Paugh.

Where might seem, at first, like an odd choice to be included in a career advice site...this was acknowledged by both the BC team and myself at the outset. However, this blog was selected as an example of a young professional (ahem) using blogging as a tool to begin building a career and a professional identity within a specific field. w00t!

Congrats to the Brazen Careerist team for today's launch. Show your support, friends and neighbors. Click the above image or the BC logo on the sidebar and check out the fancy new digs!

In related news, the end of this blogger's Americorps service year is fast approaching and my job search is officially on, so if anyone's looking to hire a good urbanist come mid-April, shoot me an email. ;-)


Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Employee Evolution

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