City stuff to consider in 2009 :

- Urban crises as a prelude to the whole-hog global meltdown

- The downfall of retail urbanism

- Cities as shock therapy

- A switch from the urban explosion of the last century to a wide range of urban implosions, shrinkages and infra-urbanizations

- Suburbia as wasteland and promised land

- Urban politics make a comeback

- Urban rite makes a comeback

- Shift from urban contemplation to urban action

- Small is beautiful, but only with a big mindset

- Think urban sub-unit

- The downfall of multiculty (diversity is recognized as vital yet inextricably conflictive)

- The city and the web come together

- Connected sprawl

- Urbanity detached from lifestyle

- Urbanity reattached to survival strategies

- Luxury deadspace

- Productive squatting

- Protomodernist revival

- The “developed world” dissolved

- “It’s a small world,” on crack

- Tercermundismo

- Technodisurbanism

- Technocumbia

At least we won’t be bored.

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