Tweekend Reading II

Where's Twitter following grew by two thirds this week...an impressive jump, but I know there are still some stragglers out there. The site is extremely fun, and truly a very social form of the much-vaunted (but often-lacking) "social media"...there are many urbanism tête-à-têtes to be had. Come join! And if you're already following, I'd definitely appreciate it if you'd consider alerting your friends on this fine Follow Friday.

TWEET ONE: Just saw a forlorn banner for Chicago 2016. In this weather, makes me wanna go to Rio.

TWEET TWO: Best map of the year so far - Netflix patterns by city: http://bit.ly/4VY8tf Thanks @tombellino!

TWEET THREE: Urbanffffinds: http://bit.ly/8tnOb0 (Archive here: http://bit.ly/50Xa10)

TWEET FOUR: Great post on the importance of diversity in small groups; seems reasonably scalable http://bit.ly/8O2Nfz

TWEET FIVE: Hilarious/ridiculous promo vid for miami megascraper proposal. INNOVATION! CREATIVITY! lol... http://miapolis.com

TWEET SIX: Just found this review via @storefrontnyc's tweet archive: http://bit.ly/YUgCg Current status: salivating.

TWEET SEVEN: Streetviewing: These bldgs feel very contemporary...despite the fact that they are obvs from the 60s/70s http://bit.ly/6r11Lr

TWEET EIGHT: Deeply fascinating; secret Moscow metro?! Wow! > RT @atlasobscura Off limits: Places around the world you can't get into. http://is.gd/5ZPFp

TWEET NINE: Religion has always been good for architecture; I wonder if there are any lessons we can learn from that fact to apply to public bldgs...

TWEET TEN: 2010: A view from the past. http://bit.ly/6O43ur

That's all for this week, folks. If you have a Twitter account (or are thinking about creating one - do it!) you can follow Where @thewhereblog. If you're staunchly anti-Twitter but still want to keep up with Where's daily urbanist musings, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of my tweets. See you around!

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