Tweekend Reading

Quite a few of you have begun following Where over at Twitter this week, and it's been great to see the response so far. Still, there are plenty of you who have yet to take the plunge...so for the next couple of Fridays, Where will be taking a ride in the Wayback machine and reviving an old tradition to promote a new venture. Weekend Reading is [temporarily] back in action. Bon appetite!

TWEET ONE: RE: http://bit.ly/8jcVQE - Chicagoland's share of $70 billion: $2,221,977,358. RTA+CTA combined budget shortfalls in 09: $145,000,000.

TWEET TWO: So brilliant and well-executed, it's almost frustrating: http://bit.ly/7qX4PD (Don't miss the map!)

TWEET THREE: Favorite trend of the moment: pop-up museums, a la http://bit.ly/KD71h and http://bit.ly/p3VDs. Anyone know of other examples?

TWEET FOUR: Reading about burbs of STL cannibalizing each other by giving free land to wal-mart. Ah, schadenfreude. Hello, old friend.

TWEET FIVE: Streetviewing: Darth Vader's playground http://bit.ly/6ieQUH

TWEET SIX: Ooooh, I wanna try this with city grids: http://bit.ly/8pldGL

TWEET SEVEN: Koolhaas is on Twitter! Too bad he never updates...I'd love a regular stream of architectural dadaist fortune cookie messages.

TWEET EIGHT: From http://bit.ly/5aRNUx: Prediction for 50yrs out - "Online communities start physical communities;" Cities of Common Interest?

TWEET NINE: Urbanffffinds returns! http://bit.ly/8jBAkB found via @urbanmatt. Archive here: http://bit.ly/50Xa10 (Find a great urban img, @ it over!)

That's all for this week, folks. If you have a Twitter account (or are thinking about creating one - do it!) you can follow Where @thewhereblog. If you're staunchly anti-Twitter but still want to keep up with Where's daily urbanist musings, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of my tweets. See you around!


The Urbanophile said...

Does this mean the blog will be back in business? Where was one of the best. I was very sorry to see it shut down.

petersigrist said...

Hi Brendan! It's been great following your tweets. Regarding popup art spaces, Vivien Park mentioned some interesting examples in this post at polis: Retail Space For Rent: The Rise of Popup Art Spaces.

Brendan Crain said...

Well, the blog will technically be back in business one day a week, for a couple of weeks. But long-term? Nope. It's all Twitter for the foreseeable future.