Additional Weekend Reading

Two more things to add to the list:

SO GREAT! - Hugh Pearman's top-notch critique of the Global Cities exhibit at London's Tate that turns into a riff on starchitecture and its shortcomings. Some of the best architectural writing I've read in a while.

SO WHAT? - The U.S. Govermnent has made the embarassingly insipid promise to build/restore/preserve 1.5 million units of affordable housing over the next ten years. That's half of the estimated need stretched out over a decade (in which the need is most likely going to increase). This is the kind of move that counts on what sounds like a big number to mask the fact that very little is actually being done. The richest country in the world has absolutely no excuse not to provide basic, safe, and affordable housing for all of its citizens. Now.

Sorry for the preaching...I'm just so completely fed up with this kind of smokescreen bombast that I needed to vent. Publicly.


archaalto said...

i loved the link to the first article. so much so that I had to link to it on my blog as well. I added your blog link to my permanent sidebar as well. The interview you have with WR is fantastic also. Thanks for all the great reading material. hope to see more in the future.

Brendan said...

It's really great, isn't it? Even without that last zinger line at the end it would have been a good read, but damn...

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. Muchas gracias for the link. :-D