WEEKEND READING: July 7-13, 2007

Took me a while to get to it this Friday, but here they are: little cures to the boredom of that hour between when the hangover-related nausea wears off and when you have to get ready to go out again.

ITEM ONE: A rosy review of The Great Neighborhood Book: A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Placemaking, which has quickly jumped to the top of my reading list.

ITEM TWO: BLYGAD gives a damn about the Clean Hub.

ITEM THREE: NYC considers a closed-circuit surveillance network for the city modelled after the one credited with thwarting the London bombers.

ITEM FOUR: Wallpaper* has come up with the coolest architecture site on the internet (via Archidose)

ITEM FIVE: Even more exciting architecture-related news -- the world may be getting another Louis Kahn building. (There are far too few.)

ITEM SIX: NewScientistTech speculates on the importance of preparing for the coming hoardes of urban migrants in Asia and Africa by installing infrastructure before they show up.

ITEM SEVEN: Rio's infamous favelas are getting an overhaul. (There might be an upcoming Conscious Urbanism post on this...in the meantime, here's another great article on the subject.)

Oh, what a week this was. It's time for some R&R, right? See you next week!

(Photo from Flickr user joleetraveller.)

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