Splashy Times Square Satellite View

Woke up this morning to discover new Google Earth satellite imagery of Manhattan, complete with the fully-pedestrianized & mural'd Times Square. Great light too, Midtown usually looks so dark on G-Earth. Three cheers for Janette.

UPDATE: Just realized you can also get great views of a few other ped plazas. Click the thumbnails for full-sizers:

Union Square (with Greenmarket in full-swing!):

Madison Square Park:

(Also: whoever gets rid of these #$&#% borders that magically insert themselves around images on this blog when I've tried everything I can think of to turn them off wins a prize.)


ptb said...
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ptb said...

go into your blogger stylesheets and change this stuff:
Variable name="image.border.small.size" description="Image Border Small Size" type="length" default="2px"
Variable name="image.border.large.size" description="Image Border Large Size" type="length" default="5px"

dunno if 0px is a viable variable but some permutation should get you what you want

Brendan Crain said...

You, sir, are awesome. Next time you're in New York, I'm buying you a milkshake.