Dear Blogosphere...

I miss you.

Things with the laptop aren't going so well. There is hope that the information on the hard drive can be salvaged, but it looks like the machine itself is pretty much shot. I have been cursing and and gnashing my teeth quite a bit these past few days.

So Where is still out of commission, at least for a few more days. I will hopefully be able to get repaired or new hardware by next Thursday, when I'm supposed to start National Novel Writing Month. Luckily, since I had planned ahead for that absence, there will be a number of guest bloggers and other exciting fun things coming up at Where in November. More on that next week.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some fun bloggy reading, a few new links have been added to the Otros Blogos feature on the sidebar. Take a look:

Civic Nature


Global Voices Online (Development Page)

The Contemporary Grand Tour

The Creativity Exchange (aka Richard Florida's daily musings)

There will be Weekend Reading tomorrow. Along with death and taxes, it's one of the only constants in this crazy world. Hah.

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Peter Sigrist said...

Thanks! Interesting graphic as well on the distribution of world population and economic activity. Was that created recently? Good luck with the laptop.