WEEKEND READING: September 19-October 5, 2007

Lots of good stuff over the past few days. Here at Weekend Reading, it's an eight-item week!

ITEM ONE: A great story -- from the BBC of all places -- on the relationship between the American military base at GTMO and the city of Guantanamo, Cuba.

ITEM TWO: A disturbing letter from a freedom of speech/human rights activist in South Africa over at Squatter City.

ITEM THREE: Speaking of South Africa, the Lincoln Institute's new newsletter is out, and it contains a really fantastic overview of the current situation in Johannesburg.

ITEM FOUR: Another CEOs for Cities national meeting has come and gone, and their blog features this great list of the ideas that were bouncing around last week.

ITEM FIVE: A new economic pact to connect South American cities could potentially lead to "widespread deforestation and the eventual loss of the Amazon jungle within three or four decades."

ITEM SIX: Richard Rogers on public space, Pompidou, and how he almost became a cab driver.

ITEM SEVEN: Project for Public Spaces founder Fred Kent analyzes four of New York's most visible public spaces for the NY Times.

ITEM EIGHT: Lets wrap up with some imagery. This week saw the work of photographer David Schalliol (covered in one of Where's very first posts) featured on things magazine and Archinect. (Photo credit)

If you enjoyed that really comprensive profile of São Paulo a few weeks back, don't miss Item Three. Comprehensive profiles are kind of awesome, as a rule. This is no exception.

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