Water + Laptop = Bad

The wind was kind enough to knock a glass of water onto my laptop while I was out yesterday. There is hope that it may still work, but it's going to need a few days to dry out. So Where will be going dark for a few days. Best case scenario is that regular posting will resume on Wednesday. Worst case scenario is that...never mind, I don't want to think about it.

In the meantime, might I suggest some archive-diving? I'm preparing to add several new menus to the sidebar, one of which will be an Archive Highlights list. Here are links to the past posts that I am planning on adding to that list. Suggestions are welcome. ;-)

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A True Alternative
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What's in a Name? (Or: Car-free on the High Seas)
Possibilities of the Post-Retail City
(re)Building Intellectual Infrastructure

Adios, compadres. See you soon (I hope).

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