An Era of Inspiration

I just wanted to remind everybody, that yes, Obama has won the presidential nomination of the United States of America, but it is not over. Our problems are not solved. It is up to us to follow his lead and create change within this nation and throughout this world. We, as citizens of this Earth must come together and collaborate to the best of our abilities to find new solutions, create new networks, and solve the problems that stand in our way. President Elect Obama has great drive to see this country succeed, and to heal relations within the world community, but perhaps his greatest achievement will be inspiring the masses to create change. As he reminded every citizen of this great country in his acceptance speech this Tuesday, it is the citizens of this great nation that have spoken for change, and it will be up to us to create it. We have not crossed the finished lines, we have simply just begun. We must spread ideas and come together in action to make change. To make change in our urban core, to make change in our economy, to make changes in our devastated environments, it is up to us. Barack Obama has shown us that we can be heard, now lets show him we believe by taking the same energy we harnessed to get him elected and using it to create change in our neighborhoods, in our cities, in our world. It is the dawn of a new era, and an inspired era it will be .

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