Another Post About Semantics

While we're on the subject, I need to let off some steam. Some vocabulary-related steam. (Seriously? Is that even a real thing?)

There is a word that literally forces my eyes to cross and little puffs of steam to shoot out of my reddened ears. That word, my friends, is "steps." I'm not talking about the synonym of "stairs." I'm talking about the euphemism for "within walking distance." Truly, this has got to be the most singularly heinous term that marketing people have ever come up with. I read it all the time, in every ad for every new building I come across. "Steps from the lakefront." "Steps from the museums." "Steps from shopping."


Oy. That phrase right there, in particular, is just plain skanky. It's just...so...icky. I can't even tell you why. Just say it out loud a few times. Is that not terrible? Ugh.

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