One-Night Hiatus

I just moved today...a process that is draining in every way imaginable. Especially when you do it after a full day of work. Regardless, I'm now settling in and I have a belly full of awesome Thai (if you're ever in Chicago, don't miss Joy's Noodles & Rice.) I have to do some craigslist-ing for a bookcase, though, so I'm taking the night off. In the event that this should cause someone to experience feelings of sadness or disappointment, I've thrown together a mini, mid-week version of Weekend Reading. Let's call it "Brendan is Too Tired to Post Tonight, You Guys" Reading. See you tomorrow.

In case you missed it (which is unlikely), LA has a new Urban Design Studio.

Disturbing displacement results from India's rapid economic development.

Bette Middler takes on interstitial spaces in New York...no, really.

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