Conscious Urbanism: The Humane Metropolis

Today was this blogger's first day at a new job, so as you can imagine I'm a bit tired. Thus, I'm essentially taking the night off and just stealing a post from Planetizen's home page. This article by Neal Pierce over at the Washington Post Writers Group is pretty amazing. The type of city described here as the "humane metropolis" is exactly what I'm talking about in the Conscious Urbanism posts. I feel like I should rename the series...but I just did that yesterday. Geez.

READ THIS ARTICLE. Also, check out the book which inspired the article, which is published by...oh, wow. The Lincoln Institute. Aka the Visualizing Density people. Ok, that's a coincidence...I swear I'm not shilling for these people. Anyway, tomorrow I will not be so tired, and then I'll actually talk about all this jazz. Don't sit too close to the edge of the seat, now. ;-)

The Humane Metropolis: Are We Ready? (YES!)

The Humane Metropolis (Lincoln Institute)

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