WEEKEND READING: April 21-27, 2007

It's Friday again (yipee!) and that means it's time for some more weekend reading. This week's first entry comes from Eikongraphia, where they've been so busy with those architecture blog rankings that it was especially refreshing to read this insightful post about Norman Foster's new Beijing airport. And if you don't like that whole "reading" thing (wink, nudge), the post is packed with snazzy, colorful renderings (as seen at right.)

Remember when you used to play The Sims and you'd create huge mansions for your characters and each room would have a different, kind of cheesy "theme" to the architecture and furnishings? Someone took that concept a bit too far.

This really doesn't have anything to do with urbanism or places or any of the stuffy in this blog's subtitle, but check out the coolest couch ever made. Those are nickels. I know.

Two weeks after my hope-for-humanity-inducing trip to Atlanta, the Journal-Constitution reports that not all is well in autopia. Apparently, traffic is so backed up on in-town roads that the congestion problem is as bad, if not worse, than it is for suburbanites. In response, the demand for walkable, New Urbanist-style developments continues to grow. That's mixed news, but I think that it leans in a good direction...

This one is actually more than a week old, but Jamais Cascio's Earth Day interview over at WorldChanging looks iiinto the fuuutuuure and imagines our planet as four very, very different places. (I love futurists.)

And finally, anyone who enjoys seeing doublespeak paragon "Reason" Magazine dressed down will love this Planetizen post about mass transit. While I'm a fairly opinionated person, I try to keep this blog relatively neutral when it comes to out-and-out politics...but I'll say this much: Libertarians freak me out.

Wait, I lied. One last thing: make sure to check out this Where post from yesterday...I'm still looking for someone who'll be willing to report back about this weekend's DisPlace Me event. Post a response on the blog, or email me; contact info is located in my profile, at left.

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