Alaska From Above

While the hi-res satellite imagery on Google Earth is pretty fascinating, there is something to be said for the saturated, gauzy low-res views still aviailable when zoomed far enough out (or when hi-res is not available for a certain area) on good old-fashioned Google Maps. Especially over uninhabited areas, these bright, sometimes abstract images can have a sort of "lost world" mysterioso-vibe to them that I find particularly intriguing. But then, I still have an affinity for MS Paint, so I might just be an advanced Luddite, after all.

Still, for those who would disagree about the artistic power of crappy Crayola-toned satellite photos, I will make my argument with some rare (for this blog) color photos. These are taken directly from Google Maps, though I was not smart enough when snapping the shots with PrintScreen to save the url for each location. If you enjoy these, go do some Googlexploring of your own. Being that most of Alaska is untamed wilderness, it's a great place to start...

If you find any good stuff on your own (in Alaska or elsewhere) be smarter than I was -- post the url as a comment. Happy 'sploring.

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