WEEKEND READING: September 8-14, 2007

I'd be lying if I tried to pass off a near-postless week by saying I'd been busy...I've been in hardcore daydream mode. Next week we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming...I think. :-) For now, there is weekend reading...

ITEM ONE: Pruned reports on the fascinating Seuthopolis project in Bulgaria, complete with some super imagery.

ITEM TWO: Speaking of imagery, Curious Expeditions has come up with an exhaustive photo collection of the world's most stunningly beautiful libraries (including Milan's Biblioteca Di Bella Arti, pictured above).

ITEM THREE: Planning a trip to a Developing World country? Stuff Your Rucksack.

ITEM FOUR: The Russians are apparently having baby making contests now. Hmmm...

ITEM FIVE: Norman Blogster over at Part IV introduces MIMOA with some superb sardonic wit.

ITEM SIX: New Monu! The topic: "Second-rate urbanism".

ITEM SEVEN: A great NY Times article on DC's promising new mayor, Adrian Fenty.

Enjoy your weekend!

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