Festival of Maps Update

The Festival of Maps is getting underway here in the Windy City, and one of the most exciting developments is that of the FoM's shiny new website! Complete with an interactive map of exhibits, a full schedule (it's even bigger than I'd thought it was going to be!) and a list of events broken down by sponsoring institution, the new website is a valuable resource for anyone visiting Chicago and looking to catch some of the action.

The FoM's website highlights a number of exhibits that are currently up and running, including the recently updated "Capital of the 19th Century: Paris in Maps" mini-exhibit (the first part was profiled here last month), and the "Grammar of Landscape" exhibit at the Illinois State Museum's Chicago gallery, among others. The FoM also has a new logo, and the Where/FoM logo (seen above) has been modified to reflect that.

This weekend will see the opening of the Chicago History Museum's "Mapping Chicago: The Past and the Possible", so keep your eyes peeled for a forthcoming Whereview. (Look, ma, it's a portmanteau!) Where will continue to cover the mappy action as it unfolds, so do check back from time to time to see what's doin' in Chicago.

Festival of Maps

Capital of the 19th Century: Paris in Maps (AI Chicago)

Grammar of Landscape (IL State Museum - Chicago Gallery)

Mapping Chicago: The Past and the Possible (Chicago History Museum)

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