WEEKEND READING: September 15-21, 2007

The weekend has arrived just in time!

ITEM ONE: CityStates debunks Wendell Cox's article, previously discussed at Where, on the CityStates blog.

ITEM TWO: IDEO's reimagining of the street cafe, via GOOD Magazine. (Photo credit)

ITEM THREE: Chicago is turning out to be a rather tiresome city that lives up (or down) to its muddled quality of life ratings by utterly forsaking its residents in favor of attracting more tourist dollars to fund more TIFs for million-dollar condos. That was me pontificating, but check out Item Three for the most recent bit of proof.

ITEM FOUR: Cleveland is taking community development down to the block-level.

ITEM FIVE: I have heard of Miss Representation many times...it is a blog that pops up frequently in meta discussions about the archiurban blogosphere. And yet, I had always avoided it since I thought "Eh...
another blog about New York. Who gives a rat's?" And then I actually read it and realized that it's some of the funniest architectural writing...well, ever. The moral of this story is: don't be a twit like me. Read Miss Rep. Start with this new post on the hapless mess that is Ground Zero.

ITEM SIX: Cities of Theory is another great blog to add to your reader. Here we have a post on creating enjoyable urban places...

ITEM SEVEN: Speaking of quality of life, Cuba's all like "Hey guys, check me ouuut!"

Oh...I think you can tell that I am in need of some r&r. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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