WEEKEND READING: September 1-7, 2007

It has been a busy week at Where. The last couple of days have been slow news days, but there was a glut of good stuff earlier in the week. Here are the highlights...

ITEM ONE: Airoots has posted the most eloquent lament of New York's homogenization yet...

ITEM TWO: ...and the authors' following post, on the fluidity of Tokyo nightlife, confirmed that airoots is, in fact, the best urbanism blog that you're not reading yet.

ITEM THREE: A new urban issues zine, The World Edition, is up and running this week with articles from founder Alexander H. Johnstone, Archidose's John Hill, and (in the interest of full disclosure) me. Heh.

ITEM FOUR: Gran Raccordo explains why New York is actually Pittsburgh.

ITEM FIVE: The AHI blog takes a look at what the recent presidential election in Turkey will mean for affordable housing in that country.

ITEM SIX: Mark the date - Wikicity Rome takes place tomorrow (Saturday, September 8th).

ITEM SEVEN: BoingBoing covers the fascinating Homeless World Cup, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Have a great weekend!

(Photo from Flickr user diebmx.)

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