Three Months!

That's how long Where has been around, folks.

When I started Where, I read quite a few posts on blogs all over the 'osphere about the "three month mark." Apparently, blogs are like dogs -- they age much more quickly than humans. I'm not sure what the ratio is for dog years to human years, but for a blog it seems that three months is some kind of milestone. Still, as a human I am not as quick to learn, so I'm still figuring out all of this blogstuff, but in an attempt to make friends with the natives I'll take part in local custom and say "yay" and do a little happy dance. It feels weird and preemptive, but I'm going on the wisdom of elders here.

So here's the deal. As Where is three months old, I think I'm allowed to say that this blog will not go the way of so many before it and disappear into the cyber netherregions, and now you're not allowed to say "yeah, sure, we'll see" in that ominous way that everyone talks about everything in these oh-so-cynical times. I've slowed down a bit since the postapalooza that was the first month (chalk it up to fresh-out-of-the-gate hubris), but the post frequency is stablizing and I'm getting into a groove.

I make all of these optimistic, swaggering assertations to say this: if you like this blog, go tell someone about it or stick up a link somewhere. Spread the word, share the love, all that good stuff. Or -- better yet -- go post a comment or two. In exchange, I promise never to bust out with an unwieldy, mildly-desperate-sounding "Hey, tell your friends!" post again.

But I gotta try it once, right?

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