WEEKEND READING: May 26-June 1, 2007

This week, Where features Speedy Weekend Reading! It's also pretty much Solid States this week...sorry, Entire International Community.

ITEM ONE: Kazys Varnelis writes about the difference between the social structures of Los Angeles and New York and wonders which is more future-forward. (There is also a link to lots of great anti-Hipster stuff at Time Out NY.)

ITEM TWO: On Common Ground brings us this lovely pdf doc about the Pros and Cons of Gentrification.

ITEM THREE: Pruned gives a belated shout-out to the kickass UrbanLab proposal for Chicago that won the History Channel's City of the Future competitiopn a few months ago.

ITEM FOUR: Josh at Built Environment Blog put together a great e-tour of Brooklyn that really gives you a strong sense of the area. (I love this kind of writing.)

ITEM FIVE: Planners in Pittsburgh's South Side Flats neighborhood (which rocks, for the record) made the interesting and innovative decision to include fourth- and fifth-graders in the process of revising the neighborhood plan.

ITEM SIX: In a follow up to a previous Where post, Washington DC continues to struggle with the question of whether or not to re-examine its height limit.

That's all for me for this week. Happy Friday!

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therapydoc said...

This looks great, Brendan, thanks for including me.
I did link back!