WEEKEND READING: June 2-8, 2007

I liked the format last week, so I'm going to stick with it. I really don't need to babble as much as I've been doing anyway. And so:

ITEM ONE: The LA Times covers the debate over what should happen to the swath of Griffith Park, the city's largest open space. Should it be returned to its natural state or become even more people-friendly?

ITEM TWO: Perfect City's unconventional take on the Vancouverism phenomenon that questions its validity as a global model (which it is certainly being promoted as.)

ITEM THREE: It's like Urban Planning Idol, with Pinocchio and his deviant donkey-child friends as the judges! NY Maagzine covers the five designs for Governor's Island...all of which are cool. (Perhaps the losers could help out in LA?)
(Found via StreetsBlog)

ITEM FOUR: Bird to the North reps the awesome Karrie Jacobs' column at the awful Home & Garden. In the darkness, a spot of light...

ITEM FIVE: Good stuff over at Planetizen on the social benefits of mass transit and density. (Also: check out the article by the APA's Mark Hinshaw linked to early in the post.)

ITEM SIX: Pruned's Favorites folder 'sploded.

ITEM SEVEN: A post at BLDGBLOG lead me to discover the absolute coolest vdeo in the history of YouTube. You will think so, too. Trust me.


Richard Layman said...

More useful with direct links.

Brendan Crain said...

All of the links are working. What do you mean by direct?

Richard Layman said...

Oops... thanks.