WEEKEND READING: June 16-22, 2007

This week kind of flew by. That's a good thing, though, so please don't mistake that last sentence for a complaint.

ITEM ONE: I'm a bit late in posting this entertaining piece about a real(ish) State of Mind at the Venice Biennale, but it's worth the read.

ITEM TWO: Attention all green dreamers -- the race is on to build the first "Living Building," as reported by CEOS for Cities. Perhaps living glass will help?

ITEM THREE: Another place-y linkgasm over at growabrain.

ITEM FOUR: Trying to get from here to there (with here being a gridlocked freeway and there being an airport)? Check out this brilliant little nugget of entrepreneurial ingenuity.

ITEM FIVE: Placekraft is taking on a new Chicago-centric mapping project based around the ephemeral "art world."

ITEM SIX: The Breuer tower in Cleveland covered in the first Where post has become rather ubiquitous. Even the NY Times thinks so.

ITEM SEVEN: An absolutely side-splitting Onion article about large-scale neighborhood redevelopment and the people who try to stop it.

Enjoy your weekend! I'll be checking out the Future Cities exhibit here at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, so watch for that to show up in a post next week.

(Photo from Flickr user John Drain.)

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mike g said...

One of my favorites from The Onion:
Sometimes I Feel Like I'm The Only One Trying To Gentrify This Neighborhood

My favorite line:
I know this neighborhood would benefit from the diversity of more people like me moving in.

entire article: