WEEKEND READING: June 9-15, 2007

It's been a slow week here at Where, I know. I've been fighting a massive case of writer's block. But there will always, always be weekend reading!

ITEM ONE: This past week, I came across a great Toronto-based blog called Spacing Wire. Follow the link to read their post about a community planning initiative, then check out the archives.

ITEM TWO: Greg Smithsimon talks about segregation masquerading as diversity in the Big Apple at Interchange.

ITEM THREE: Kiplinger's takes those frivolous city lists to a new (and rather epic) level, beating several dead horses in the process.

ITEM FOUR: Some great tips for building a modern community over at CoolTown Studios.

ITEM FIVE: A thorough examination of poverty and efforts to combat it over at Urban Planning Blog.

ITEM SIX: Inhabitat shows off what might be the coolest fence ever created. (Pictured above.)

ITEM SEVEN: Eikongraphia returns after a brief hiatus with not one, but two posts about Vienna. (Read #2 here.)

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